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How to use the folding ladder correctly?

2023-02-01 05:18:01

Now the types of ladders are very much, stepping ladders, telescopic ladders, straight ladders, and the other is the folding ladder we introduce today, folding ladder has a major feature that can save storage space, not too temporary at home Home, so many families now use folding ladder, the following is to introduce the use of folding ladder:

1. Lock the ladder column outwards, hear the "click" sound at the same time lock block into position, indicating that the hinge has been locked in this position.

2. Unlock the handle to open the lock, and lock block back to the position, indicating that the hinge has been unlocked, then change the angle between the ladder column or folding ladder

If you encounter the handle can not be unlocked, can not be unlocked, which is due to the hinges force compression lock block, this time can pull the ladder shake, you can lift the external force

3. Check the ladder into use after the state, please be sure to confirm that all the hinges are in the locked position can be used, if the locking block in the position of the hinge, the symmetrical hinge can be opened, and then fold in the ladder about 40 degrees, and then Unfold it to lock the pair of hinges

4. note:

A. A total length of less than or equal to 4 meters of the ladder can be expanded into a ladder to use, this time the angle between the ladder and the ground should be greater than 75 degrees, the hinge in the middle of the ladder should be facing the wall

B. When the four-fold ladder is used as a platform, be sure to pad a plate of at least 1cm in thickness

C. When someone is working on a ladder, it is forbidden for others to pull the handle to change the locked state of the hinge

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