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Difference between domestic ladder and domestic stairs

2023-03-01 05:18:01

Household ladders: Household ladders are made of two long, thick rods, crossing the crossbar suitable for climbing, ascending climbing equipment. General use of bamboo, wood, alloy into, for people step by step up tools.

Home Stairs: Home Stairs in the building as a floor traffic components. By a continuous step of the ladder, platform and the envelope structure and other components. Generally based on wood, metal stairs can also be considered, but the foot feel better than wooden stairs, staircases home staircase handrails of wood, stainless steel, iron, stone, of which the most comfortable wood.

Household ladder maintenance

1. Ladder must be used before the general visual inspection. Make sure the structure of the ladder is solid and solid, and there is no dirt, grease or paint on the ladder that will prevent people from standing. Found that there is a fracture, lack of files or other defects that may affect the safe use must be repaired and put to use.

2. Bamboo ladder ladder feet must be grooved rubber (such as car tires) banding, in order to increase its frictional resistance. Wooden ladder ladder foot because of its own certain degree of inclination, we must keep the bottom of the ladder foot and ground parallel.

3. Ladder Placement Follow the "Four-Point Contact" principle: Make sure that the top of both ladders of the ladder rest firmly on a solid wall, and that the two legs must also be firmly supported by the strong

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