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Domestic hardware casting industry will be smooth development

2023-04-06 05:18:01

Metal casting is a metal molding obtained by a variety of casting methods, that is, smelting a good liquid metal, pouring, injection, inhalation or other casting methods into the pre-prepared mold, after cooling by sand, cleaning and Post-processing, etc., the resulting shape with a certain size and performance of the object.

    In recent years, the demand at home and abroad, which is vast and in increasing demand, has made the casting industry in our country, especially stainless steel castings, much favored. Industry experts summed up two major reasons: First, with the continuous improvement of China's economic status and the continuous development of China's casting industry, more and more metal casting products exported to other countries, an increase in overseas demand has directly led to China's casting manufacturing Increase in product output of enterprises. Second, high-quality win the world, improve the quality of domestic metal casting products is also an important reason for the increase in demand. At present, China's hardware casting industry is booming, and only vigorous development of science and technology, and strive to occupy the high-end technology research and development of independent technology and the right to the development of the casting industry to provide a solid market foundation, and this is the key to the development of the casting industry.

    In recent years, our government has issued a series of policies one after another to vigorously support the development of the domestic die-casting and foundry industries. For example, the government can streamline the procedure, reduce links and carry out smooth services for the new die- The development of die-casting enterprises, especially in the circular economy, safety in production, environmental clean production and energy conservation has made remarkable achievements, the government tax concessions in the tax system to reduce the burden on enterprises and promote business development; In addition, the government within the jurisdiction Financial institutions carry out macro-control and encourage and support the financing and loans of local die-casting and foundry enterprises. With these policies relying on, China's die-casting industry will certainly be stable and long-term development in a rapidly changing market environment.

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